Preparing Your Property

When selling your property you want to achieve the best possible price. There are a few simple steps you can take to make your property more appealing to attract the maximum number of potential buyers.
Professional photography is a key element in the successful marketing of your home. Presenting your home to its best advantage helps our photographer to create the best possible photographs, while also maximising its appeal to buyers. By following a few simple steps your home can be photographed at its best, accentuating its appeal to potential buyers.


  • Remove all personal items from bedside tables such as photographs, clock radios, books etc.
  • Ensure all light globes work
  • Ensure bed is made neatly. Consider pillows, cushions and throws to add colour and interest


  • Clear ALL benches of utensils, condiments, food, appliances, cleaning items, dishes and cutlery
  • Remove all tea towels, rubbish bins, magnets from the refrigerator and any unnecessary decorative items
  • Kitchen spaces ALWAYS look cleaner and larger when they are free from these items

Living Spaces

  • Remove all personal items such as photo frames
  • Remove remote controls and any other clutter


  • Ensure all toiletries are not visible e.g. soaps, bottles, sponges, razors etc.
  • Remove bin
  • Co-ordinate floor mats and towels

Front Exterior

  • Remove any vehicles from the driveway or front of the property
  • Remove rubbish bins
  • Ensure lawn, garden and veranda areas are tidy


  • Ensure clothesline is free of clothes and any outdoor umbrellas are raised
  • Remove children’s toys, bikes, exercise equipment etc
  • Remove Creepy Crawley from the pool
  • Ensure lawn is mowed and tidy
  • Ensure entertainment areas are tidy