Successful Selling

MBR sales consultants will guide you through the process of selling so that the whole experience is smooth and easy.

Method of Sale

The two main methods of sale are private treaty and auction, and in the Penrith area private treaty is by far the most common method. For private treaties MBR may recommend either a fixed price or a price range advertised for your property. This gives potential buyers a clear guide to whether your property is in their budget. Offers are usually made below the fixed price or within the price range depending on market conditions such as comparable sales in your area, competition for your home, length of time on the market. There is known to be a peak selling period which is at the beginning of the sales cycle when interest is at its highest.


There are usually only two reasons why properties do not sell:
firstly, the price and secondly insufficient marketing. You cannot sell a secret!
Our approach is one of flexibility and responsiveness so that your marketing campaign will be designed to best suit your home, your budget and your expectations as well as market conditions.


Advertising is essential to create interest in the property and generate more competition between buyers. The more people who are interested in your property, the more likelihood of a higher price being achieved.
We work with you to become an expert on your property and the features and services of your community so we can highlight the key selling points that will attract buyers and have the answers to any questions they may have.
Marketing campaigns are devised to showcase properties to the greatest range of buyers and would include a combination of strategies.
The most important marketing tool is online advertising which we offer as part of our standard advertising package as it is now essential in effectively selling property. The package includes a Premiere Listing campaign of 45 days on


Getting the best price for your home often comes down to negotiation and the skill and experience to close the deal. We work at establishing a foundation for success and developing confidence with both our buyers and sellers.
This involves achieving a clear understanding of the goals of all the parties involved and education of both buyers and sellers with regard to up to date market conditions.
We have a proven track record in bringing parties together to negotiate a deal where both sides walk away with a satisfactory outcome – win-win.

Other advertising and marketing strategies that we use include:

  • Colour flyers and brochures: produced in house or professionally printed full colour brochures
  • Visual display: high quality screens at our Henry Street agency, a high traffic area, showcasing your home with more photos and detail plus traditional window displays featuring A4 and A3 posters
  • Sign Boards: attractive high gloss full colour photo boards
  • Photography and video: professional photography with aerial photography as an optional extra
  • Open house: flexible open house times can be arranged
  • Letterbox drops: highlighting the sale of your property in your area
  • Buyer database: direct contact with buyers on our database to introduce your property and invite them to an inspection